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On-site Technician Visits

The Onsite Technician Service is a more cost effective way of providing regular technician visits to your school. This is achieved by passing on the salary cost, plus a training and management contribution, rather than charging an hourly rate.

Schools can adjust the service to suit their individual needs, with on–site technician support available from half a day per week, up to 4 ½ days per week. Unlike many other technician services, you will always have access to our dedicated service desk between these regular visits. This ensures schools are not left waiting for high priority issues to be resolved until their next technician visit.

All technicians are members of the wider Schools IT technical team and receive regular training, 121’s and performance appraisals which is essential to their development and effectiveness.

This service is in addition to Whole School IT support and carries with it those benefits and the following:

  • ½ day up-to 4½ days a week of Technician time. This can also be over a fortnight.
  • Proactive maintenance of your IT equipment is a key feature of this service
  • Dedicated school assigned Technician
  • All onsite Technicians receive regular training and have direct access to 2nd and 3rd Line Technicians
  • Technicians can also provide in class support and provide training for staff e.g. Office 365
  • Enhanced DBS checked staff