IT Support. But different.

We’ve got it all covered…

IT is critical to the running of your school. From interactive touchscreens, virtual reality, online management information systems right down to the humble laptop. And everything in between. We know these technologies and really have IT covered.

Supporting schools across the UK

We support schools, academies and multi academy trusts across the country. We can support your school too!

And relax…

When IT goes wrong, it can be stressful. You can relax knowing that a team of expert professionals is always by your side, ready to assist and support you, proactively monitoring to ensure teaching, learning and business support hums away smoothly in the background.

We don’t like waiting. Why should you?

We all know what poor value support feels like – call centres where you’re left in an endless loop of buttons, options and terrible music to listen to. Choose our IT support service, you’ll get to speak to a professional, quickly, allowing you to get back to learning and teaching – rather than waiting…

Future thinking

Unlike other providers, our role isn’t to simply fix and solve but to partner with you on your IT journey. Expect us to work as your IT partner; because we know schools, we can help you shape an exciting future harnessing IT for your students and staff.


About our team

Professional and knowledgeable

IT is a complex and diverse field, as such, we have skilled professionals in our team who have expertise on hand to support you with whatever challenges you face. As part of our wider collaboration with Nottingham City Council IT services, we are able to draw on the experience of an extended team of professionals when needed. This means that our service has the resilience and depth of expertise to consistently ensure our team are always there for you, as they have been since 1998.

Seamless delivery

From technicians, trainers, project managers and installation engineers, network specialists and cyber security experts, we have a team who work collaboratively across multiple disciplines to ensure our support is always joined up and seamlessly delivered.


Consistently at the cutting edge

As a responsible employer, staff training and professional development are the cornerstone of our philosophy, so you can expect our team to be confident at providing relevant, accurate advice on the latest technologies.

Always on your side

See our team as an extension of yours. We have built strong relationships with hundreds of delighted customers over the years. Regular feedback from our customers authenticates our team as professional, responsive and friendly.

To find out more about us, contact us by phone, email or via our base in Top Valley Drive.